Monday, January 10, 2011

Wheel dying, pt 1.

For inspiration!

I have noticed that my posts are either very derby or very crafty, but not much in between. To remedy that, I have decided to craft up my skates ^_^ I was reading some threads over on the Skatelog Forum, and someone dyed their wheels! I think this is a wonderful thing to do, since I have pink wheels that I bought because that was the only color available, and nobody should ever have anything pink. But I might be just a bit biassed :P

So pretty much, all they did was mix up some hot RIT dye and dunked the wheels for 10 +- 5 minutes, checking frequently, until they got the color they wanted. They even went to far as to mask off designs with painters tape or rubber cement! The one thing that surprises me, though, is that they used the vegetable (for cotton) dye on urethane, instead of the poly dye which I ended up buying. I think I might need to go extra scientific with this and get one of each and dye the wheels half and half... hmmm...


  1. They look great! How is the dye holding up to the use?

  2. Awesome! I have sent a link to this post to a couple of my girls who are derby foxes and would love to see this!

    Great idea!